Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

So around here it is pretty much just like any other day. I gave the kids and Chris some chocolate. Tonight we are going to have heart shaped pancakes and chocolate covered strawberries. Chris and I normally don't do anything special. Normally he is working the night shift and this is so exception. So today is just an excuse for us to eat like crap. Good thing I worked out this morning.
On a side note in case you haven't noticed but I haven't blogged about poop lately. Today I was feeling on the edge and put Quinks down for his nap sans duct tape. Cross my fingers there isn't a mess when I go get him.
Well I just got Quinten up and I'm happy to report no mess. At least not with poop. The bed is stripped but that is a mess I can clean up. Yeah Quinks!
Well I hope you have a great I love you day!

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BethJoy said...

Happy Valentines day to you too! We had a great "love" day, as Jonah calls it! The boys got little gift bads filled with chocolates and a small toy. Jonah is now understanding 'special' days, and says I can't wait till next valentine's, or christmas etc...