Sunday, February 24, 2008

I heart shopping..... maybe

Well at least I thought I did. Yesterday Chris and I had an opportunity to go shopping by ourselves (and Spencer). Do you think I could find any clothes? No of course not. Why is it that some people after they have a baby are right back in there "skinny" clothes and they have no extra skin or anything? And then there's people like me who have to work our butt's off, literally, to get back to "normal". Or at least close to normal. It's frustrating but I knowing I'm not in the skinny category I will continue to work at it. It might be slow but I have to keep telling myself it will happen. So maybe in a month I will try the whole shopping thing. I will not give up. I even suggested that I buy a purse. I know.
Tonight a lovely evening was had by all in our scrapbooking group. We made this cool box thing. Thanks Karri for always coming up with cool ideas and all the preparation that goes into it. I think I can speak for our group and say that we don't take you for granted. We definately appreciate it and you.
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Happy Monday.


Miranda said...

THANKS Kirsten! :)

I know how you feel about working you butt off to lose weight. It's sure easy gain it though...especially when food tastes so darn good! At least you have an just had Spencer 5 months ago. Zoƫ is nearly 2 years more excuses for me.

I am not even aiming for the "skinny category." I am pretty sure that I'll never be skinny. Honestly though, don't you just feel better when you get excercise and eat better? I know I do. although I still love my "treats."

Thanks again for the support.

--Nathan-- said...

maybe you should try moving to the states for eight months, do no working out and eat fatty foods all the time... seemed to make me drop 12 pounds.

Kirst said...

Yeah not sure that would work for me. I don't think you dropped 12 pounds of fat though Nathan. Do you even have any fat on you?

Anthony & Kim said...

I agree shopping after a baby sucks! When I came back from shopping I was trying to convince myself that they are just making the clothes smaller!

Desiree said...

I am sure you look great. Give yourself some credit. It takes nine months to get that baby body, so give it a little time to come off. You work hard at it by the sounds of things, it will pay off. But I agree that they make clothes so much smaller these days.

Heather said...

I think you look great. You have JUST had a baby and you can't even tell.