Wednesday, April 02, 2008

God is Good

One of the blogs I have been reading is about a husband and his wife, who has cystic fibrosis. They also have a baby girl who was born 24 weeks early. His wife has been waiting for a double lung transplant. They just posted that his wife has been taken down to the OR for her transplant. Please pray for them right now.


Anonymous said...

Praying....keep me updated!
Char J

liz said...

I went over and read his blog for the first time since their baby was born and it's not the first time this week I have been reminded that so often I take for granted what I have, especially my health (physical and mental), and how scary it is to be afraid for you health.

I really very much hope that their story has a happy ending.

And though there are so many heroes in this story I would like to remind everyone to sign their organ donor card and make their families aware of their wishes. For more information on organ donation in
Canada visit:

liz said...

(Okay - it apparently doesn't fit all on one line))

Miranda said...

I read this blog too. It is an amazing story.