Monday, April 21, 2008

I heart flyers

I really do love getting flyers. When we moved into this house we didn't get any. I was slightly disappointed. In the old house I would love to look outside on Thurs and Sunday's. (Flyer days)
I know I'm weird. Because we moved onto a street that was still in the works they won't deliver flyers. I guess the whole street has to be finished to get them. I guess our street is done enough because you guessed it we got a nice compact bundle of flyers yesterday. Now that I've bored you all.
This week seemed to fly by. The kids went with Grumpy and Nana to the Wiggles. Taylor has seen them before but not Quinks. They loved it. I pretty much had to tear them from the ceiling they were jump around so much with excitment. Then Sarah was born. So exciting. What a beautiful baby. Thanks guys for the snuggles. You're already making 3 look easy. And of course the snow will NOT stop. Ah spring in Alberta. And that brings us to today. What to do? I'm sure we'll find something. Have a great Monday. Mine is apparantely starting with temper tantrums. Good times.


Chrissy & Brian said...

I hear ya with the flyers. My eyes light up when I see them! And the snow wont stop here either, it is brutal. About my size: people just keep making comments about how big I am and asking if there are 2 in there. I was starting to think they were right, and at my last appointment the doc thought there may be, thats all.
I'd love to chat soon!

BethJoy said...

Good Morning Kirst! I LOVE flyers too, I'm very happy you're street gets them now, ENJOY!!:)
This snow sucks, but have a good day with your kiddies, stay warm and have fun!!
It's a great day for a chat on the phone, snow day!

K said...

chrissy that would be crazy!!! are their twins in either of your families?

just to brag because i feel like i've put up with a lot of snow this year: i've been running in shorts all week.
spring in Alberta...I actually do miss it a little.

kristen said...

and by their...i mean there. i was clearly not quite awake yet when i wrote that.