Saturday, April 05, 2008

It's back

I routinely check Shaw on Demand to see if Dexter is back on. Chris says I'm obsessed. Well my obsession with the show has paid off. I just checked and it's back. And of course I ordered the last episode right away so that when Chris gets home tonight we can watch it. I'm pretty excited. I know some of you must think I'm a freak. Woohoo!


K said...


(and i hope you have finished your puke laundry)

Miranda said...

Help me understand. I have seen previews for this show. Is this not the serial killer one? The one where he kills "bad guys." I don't want to sound judgemental and i have tried not to comment. But what is the big draw for this show? Is it not saying that killing is justified if you are killing a bad guy? Maybe I am wrong. Maybe I get affected by this stuff too much. Just the preview bothered me. You can delete my comment if you want.

Kirst said...

I won't be deleting your comment.
I'm not sure what the draw is to the show. I guess I never really thought about it. Maybe when I figure it out I'll post it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the draw is that it is a tv show, so you get to see what a killer might be like without actually having to meet one.

From my understanding, it blurs the black and white lines that we have set for good and evil-which is far more like real life than i think we want to admit. Not that a character who is a serial killer and blood splatter analyst for the police is a "real life" character, but showing the likable side of a "bad person" is.

Miranda said...

I think ALL people are bad, yet we all have a likeable side. I guess my issue is that it makes evil look ok in a way. Again, i have not seen the show so i am just basing this all on what i think i know about it. Thinking out loud a bit. I am not judging those who watch it either. I am trying to understand is all. Let's look back to when we were kids...when we watched The Cosby show, I wonder how people would have reacted to Dexter then? Why is it that this show is not as shocking to us as it should be?