Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Swapping P words

We no longer are having poop issues with Quinten, thankgoodness. We now are having puke issues. Thankfully it is baby puke but it still stinks and stains. Therefore we have been going through a lot of prosolve and baby wipes. My favorite are the baby wipes. They get the job done and are handy. A little costly but great cleaner uppers. (I know I can't really say that.)And because of the puke we have a 4 year old gagger. I think she has her Dad's stomach. It could be just drool and she is gagging.

In other news Spencer got himself up on his knees and is skooching backwards. He's growing up too fast. I don't think it will be long before he is full on crawling. He wants to keep up with his sister and brother. It's kind of sad to know that this is the last for us.

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BethJoy said...

Aww, you're baby is growing up! But he will ALWAYS be your baby, even when he's 30!!
Hey I didn't take offense to you watching Dexter, I don't even know what that show is, but I'm glad it's back on for you!