Tuesday, August 26, 2008

1 week

My baby goes to school in 1 week. I hope she continues to be excited about it. There will be less tears that way. I'm finding it hard to believe that she is turning 5 in about a month. Wow were has the time gone.
My middle baby is doing pretty well with potty training, except for the pooping. Why is that one so hard? Can't believe he is almost 3.
And my youngest baby is getting close to full on walking. And he is almost 1. Just call me a party planning Mama.
At least with Lobbster birthdaypalooza coming up I'll have lots to post about.


Chrissy & Brian said...

I can't believe Taylor is going to school already!!! They grow up so quickly!
Happy Party Planning!!

Tammy Williams said...

Birthday-palooza is coming up for us too. Maya's 2nd is at the end of September and Declan's is the beginning of November. Maya is going through the same thing with regards to Potty Training. Sometimes I feel like I have a dog in the house because she KNOWS not to poop in her underpants but she hasn't grasped the concept of doing it on the potty so sometimes she does it on the floor when I'm not looking. Otherwise, she is almost fully potty trained. Those crazy poopies!

Kirst said...

Ours is super birthday palooza. We get all 5 of us done in 2 months. It starts out with Chris on Sept 8, Taylor Sept 24, Spencer Sept 30, Quinten Oct 12 and me Oct 24. It's crazy around here for the next month with the planning. And I started a couple of months ago. I think Quinks has finally grasping the pooping thing. Yeah for potty training.

BethJoy said...

Wow, Kirst I give you lots of credit for having to plan, even if just the kids, 3 parties in less than a month!! But hey you get it all over with, and it makes for quite a special little birthday season for your family, how special!! I love how the baby of the family is right in the middle of his big bro and sis!
Have fun at school Taylor! Jonah is being held back a year, which I think will be to his benefit in the long run, I hope!