Thursday, August 21, 2008

Woohoo Visitors!

My youngest bro and his fiance will be arriving tomorrow around this time. I'm pretty excited. I haven't seen either of my brothers since Christmas. I wish we could all be together as a family. Devin and Liz I hope you're prepared for a week full of me. I plan on seeing you as much as possible. We will get to see Kristen in October, right in the middle of birthdaypalooza. Too bad Jordan won't be joining her. Who knows when we'll get to see him next. Anyone want to donate there airmiles? :)
Potty training is going fairly well. Okay except for the pooping. But we went out yesterday and today and Quinks was dry the whole time. Woohoo! On to only 1 in diapers.
Well I should probably do something. Not feeling very motivated lately. When the weather is crappy I feel like curling up and watching a movie or right now the Olympics, with my punks instead of cleaning and laundry.

Have a great night!

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