Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Time Flies

I'm a bad blogger. I've been home since Sunday and I haven't blogged yet. I'll try to be better. Camp was good. Still trying to catch up on sleep but the late nights were worth it.
My baby aslo took his first steps a few days ago. But now he is being stubborn. When I stand him up he just laughs and looks at me with this silly little grin. As if to say I know what to do but don't feel like it.
We've also started potty bootcamp for Quinks. He's done well so far. Dry through the night and naps. And we even went out for a few hours today and had him in underwear. Crazy I know. We're armed with skittles and lots of underwear. I'm crossing my fingers that it sticks.
Taylor starts school in less than 2 weeks. Hopefully I don't make a fool of myself from crying. My baby is growing up so fast.
Well I should get back to the mountain of laundry. Will it ever end?
Have a great hump day!


Karri said...

Glad you are back blogging! Good luck with the potty training. I still don't have our kids registered yet, but the office isn't open until the 25th. Hopefully it all works out! When you said two weeks I couln't believe it! Time does fly!

Sketti said...

I tell you what! you are the best blogger I know! You have so much on, I'm so impressed! I'm freaking out about having one baby to care for and you have 3 children! Good luck with the potty training, I'm sure you'll have one or two more Poop posts to come our way! lol!