Thursday, March 12, 2009

6+8=14 kids

As I was flipping the channels, yesterday, I passed by Dr. Phil and the octuplet mom was on. I'm not really sure how I feel about he whole situation. I'm not one to get into debates about stuff like this or really voice my opinion. For some reason watching the show bugged me. Here is a woman who already has 6 kids now 8 more and no job, and so on. I could only watch for a short period of time because I was so frustrated. The part I saw she was given all this stuff. And it sounded like she would get more as the show went on. What about the people out there who aren't selfish about wanting a big family and work their butts off to provide whatever they can? Nobody is coming to decorate bedrooms and provide furniture for them. Maybe I'm wrong about the whole thing, maybe I should have watched the whole show but.....I don't know. And to top it all off she didn't seem that appreciative.
Did anyone else watch it? Maybe I need to be set straight.

And seriously 14 kids is crazy. I feel busy enough with 3.

In other news the Lobbster kids are feeling way better. Middle lobbster still complains about his tummy hurting but other than that we are good. We even got out of the house today to get toilet paper. No more puffs kleenex for our bottoms ( and when you say bottoms say it with a british accent.)


k said...

I think the situation is tough and complicated. There's the reproductive technology and regulation of reproduction mess that I'm not sure I even want to think about...and then there's all the rest.

"Octo-mom" is clearly a little off. She apparently has all this money to pay for the fertility treatments AND for plastic surgery (i mean look at her...she's had work done), and yet she doesn't have a job, and she lives with her parents. Where did she get the money? Why isn't she using it in more productive ways? (ooh bad choice of word there) Why, OH DEAR GOD WHY, would you choose to have 14 kids when you don't have your crap together? (not that i understand wanting to have 14 kids at all...but some people love it)

She has brought the "suffering" on herself but having multiple children without the means to support them. Some would argue that she deserves to suffer the consequences, but I think very few would agree that her children should suffer right along with her. That is why I think she's getting all this free stuff and why some people are ok with it.

Is it fair that countless children suffer because of their parents' poor decisions every day? No

Is it cool that countless families are going through hard times and no one is around to buy them houses and decorate their kids' rooms? No.

But I guess that's just the way it is.

(and maybe she didn't seem appreciative because her face can't move that way because of the botox? then again, maybe she's just not grateful. or perhaps she was just overwhelmed that someone was being so kind despite all the scandal. who knows.)

Tammy Williams said...

While I truly believe that she did not KNOW that she would have multiples when she had the fertility treatment, she must have known that there was that possibility. Six kids is certainly enough!...especially when there is no income coming in. I love how people are coming to help the kids - providing nursing care, blankets...etc...but I really do not think that the mom should be receiving any special treatments. The FRUSTRATING part for us down here in America is that WE are the ones who are paying for all of them to survive. OUR tax dollars are going towards HER welfare checks. Don't get me wrong - I am all for helping the poor, but when the poor is as unthoughtful as this lady, it makes it very hard for me to digest.