Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Oh little boys

Why is it that little boys like to do gross things? Quinks lately has had this fascination with farting on us. Luckly it has stayed in the family so don't be offended if ends uup trying to do it to you. Consider it a form of affection.

Last week Tammy gave me a blog award, my first. I have to tell 10 things about myself.

1. I used to suck my thumb. I'm kind of embarrased to say I was 12 when I stopped. That's why I want to get the oldest and youngest to stop.

2. I would love to make cupcakes and cakes for parties. But for now I do it for my family.

3. I'm running my first/second half marathon on May. It is my second time doing it and so far I am injury free so I should be able to run the whole thing. And of course my great hubby will be cheering me on right by my side.

4. I'm a closet neat freak. My house might not always be the tidiest but I sure wish it was better.

5. I love to cook and bake. I also love trying new recipes.

6. I love to share what I cook/bake with others. Having people over is so great.

7. I wish I saw my family more. They are so important to me and don't always let them know that.

8. I love watching the Biggest Loser. I commented to Chris yesterday that I cry every Tuesday because of that show. The support that they get is amazing. Last week they had to run a half marathon and I was brought to tears how much support they had around them.

9. It may seem selfish but I would love to have my family at the end of the half marathon cheering me on. And no not just my kids. To me it's important for my parents to be there too.

10. I love sales. I'm always looking for a bargain. And free is always good. Share the stuff around.

Anyway just a tid bit of info about me. I have a hard time writing stuff like that.

I now pass on the award to:





Please pray for Baby Stellan. To see there story click on the Baby Stellan picture on the right hand side. There faith is amazing.

update: I'm adding an 11th thing to my list. Just thought about it this morning. I can't stand having wrinkly clothes. I iron everything even the kids clothes. I won't even try a shirt on that is suppose to have the wrinkled look.


Karri said...

I have been reading about baby Stellan too! Poor guy, I wish the meds would work SOON!!! She does have some pretty amazing faith...I don't know if I would be so strong. Sure makes me very thankful for the three healthy children I am blessed with!

Praying for Baby Stellan too! I will have to add the button as well.

k said...

I would absolutely be there if I could...but I think only one trip is do-able :(

k said...

PS- I don't think that it is selfish that you would love to have people out there supporting you.

Heather said...

The highlight of our little September race a thon was that I got to finish myself, see Kristen, Jordan, and then my mum and her friends finish. Each one of them saw me cheering them on and that made me the happiest. I completely understand wanting people there to see you.

Also, I think I'm a closet neat freak too, but I just am not organized enough to let it shine through.

k said...

And the highlight of my race was seeing you there! ('cause we know that i was miserable for the rest of the race.)

Tammy Williams said...

I love sales too. Especially when they are more than 50% off sales! I hope to run a marathon someday too. I was beginning to train for a triathlon but a PREGNANCY got in my way...:)

Devin said...

Thanks so much for this--how sweet of you!

Oh, and, by the way--nothing wrong with being a neat freak! :-) I love great sales too...

Anonymous said...

You need a steamer. I hate wrinkled clothes too...but I hate ironing even more! Since we got a steamer I even steam my tshirts before wearing them. It's way faster and easier...I rarely bring out the iron anymore.

It would change your life - I swear!


Lori said...

I too cry at Biggest Loser-every week:)
Cheering you on when you run! You are so inspiring.