Monday, March 16, 2009

And the breaking continues

Everyone is feeling much better around these parts. Thanks for all the thoughts.

Things keep breaking around here. Taylor broke her top dresser drawer, she then broke a side plate (which we only a 6 place settings for our denby), I broke my favorite big glass measuring cup, Quinks broke a bowl ( I guess now we just need to break a big plate and we'll be down to 5 full place settings), I then broke the tip off our glass blender and yesterday Quinks head went through the bottom 2 glass panels on our pantry door. Not sure why we would have built a house with a pantry door like that. Hindsight right? We knew it would break eventually but not yet. So now we have no pantry door till Chris can figure something out. And now Spencer has full access to the garbage (he likes to eat whatever he can find on the top, it's pretty gross). I should mention that Quinks is fine. Just a bunch of glass in his hair. He's lucky he didn't get cut. And he felt really bad. I forry (sorry) Mommy is all I heard for the rest of the night.

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Anonymous said...

You really make me laugh because you bring back so many memories! This reminds of the time that Graeme broke an antique lamp, the kitchen window and the sugar bowl all in one week. He pointed out that he didn't break the lid to the sugar bowl although I was never sure just what I was supposed to do with a spare lid! (And I don't think he was even 'forry')