Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Almost made me cry

Like I said almost. Taylor is on spring break and yesterday was already bored of hanging out with us. She took it upon herself to call some friends. Okay so I dialed but she did all the talking. It was funny to hear to her talking away. When asked who it was she said it's me Taylor. As if to say you don't know it's me. She's getting so grown up. To some this may seem like a silly little milestone but for us it is a big deal. She is normally very shy so this was a big step. Before we know it she'll be going on her first date. Oh help me! I don't want to think about that yet.

As I'm typing this Quinks is getting his tux on. The kid would wear it everyday if he could. We have a little problem though. He is starting to grow out of it. It's still wearable but not sure for how much longer. So if anyone has a tux kicking around that they just don't know what to do with, we have a little lobbster who would give it a very loving home. It would be well loved and taken good care of. And of course worn lots. The original tux was given to us and it is by far his favorite thing to wear.

I can't post about Taylor and Quinks and not Spencie. As I type he is destroying the bonus room. I've given up on trying to keep it tidy while he is up. He is developing is own little temper and lets you know when he doesn't like something. Is it engrained in little boys heads to be somewhat aggresive? He's already been put in baby time out. Doesn't like that too much.
I'm happy to report no poop playing for 2 days now. Like I've said before duct tape is our friend.

Anyway Happy Tuesday to all! And if you watch the Biggest Loser hopefully Tara makes the 100 pound loss. That's who we're cheering for to win.


Desiree said...

What size does Quinten wear? I have a smaller tux, not too sure what size it is, but if it's what you need/want, you are most certainly welcome to it!

Kirst said...

The tux we have right now is a 2. So anything bigger would be great.

Karri said...

Go Tara Go!

I don't have a tux...but he sure looks cute in one! Maybe a second hand store?

I hope you find one, he does love it sooooo much!

Anonymous said...

Cheering for Tara!!!!!
Char J

Tammy Williams said...

Wow - I would consider that a milestone too. I laugh everytime Maya talks to my mom on the phone too. I have to fill in the gaps sometimes but she is pretty easy to understand now.