Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy 8th Birthday Taylor!

It seems like just yesterday I was calling my mom in a panic because my water broke but I was not due for 6 weeks. Taylor has grown from that early baby to a really mature 8 year old. I wonder what the next 8 years will hold.

Dear Taylor,

Today you celebrate your 8th birthday. And as I write you this note I have tears in my eyes(I'm sure you've grown to realize this is a norm for me.) Just thinking back over the last 8 years. It feels like it has gone like a blink of an eye. You are so loving, complimentary, confident, athletic, strong ( I wish I could do chin ups like you.), a great big sister, beautiful, caring. And I could go on. I hope today is a day filled with joy and celebration for you. You will rock at rock climbing. And even though you aren't feeling the greatest we'll make it the best birthday possible.

I Love You!

Love, Mommy


Fred and Wendy said...

8 years old - hard to believe. The days do go along quickly. Knowing you, you see each day as a treasure!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Taylor!!!!!
Aunty Char