Friday, September 02, 2011

School Success

I am happy to report that we have made it through the first 2 days of school. I wasn't worried about Quinten. I knew he would line up with his class and just go with it. Taylor however was acting all cool till it came time to meet her teacher and line up with her class. We were fortunate to have the same teacher 2 years in a row so it was tough on Taylor, and maybe even tougher on Mom, for her to have a different teacher. She is very sweet but that didn't stop the tears and crazy strong clinging. Seriously I'm going to have to start lifting weights just to keep up with her. I was able to pass her to the aid(and good friend). Thankfully Cheryl (aid/friend) is in her class again. Helps make the transition smooth. Once she took her Taylor was fine. In fact she came out smiling and wouldn't stop talking about her first day. And today was a very pleasant surprise. No tears, a quick hug and off she went. I'm looking forward to this year for the kids. They are meeting new friends and have old ones they are reuniting with. Some people might not agree but I think it's great that Taylor's class only has 6 girls. Hopefully they can become close.

Mrs. Veronese will always be a special person to us. Taylor was talking about her last night and how she special she is to her. And a bonus is they share the same birthday. Which in Taylor's eyes has them bonded for life. :)

And Quinten being the sensitive kid we knew he was made sure one of the little girls in his class had someone to play with. She didn't know any kids from the class and Quinten wanted her to feel included. Makes me feel good to know I must be doing something right with this parenting thing. I'll try to remember these times when I am frustrated with them.

Anyway now to birthday plan and try to relax this weekend. Chris has been working long hours and has to work all weekend so not sure I will actually relax but having a few days of off driving to gymnastics is relaxing enough.

What kind of long weekend plans do you have?

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