Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's only just begun

Last week we celebrated Chris' birthday. We had a really nice day together and then on Saturday I took him out to Bolero. Such good food. Next week is Taylor's birthday. And lucky enough she is able to have her party on the actual day. So party planning for everyone has been in full swing. Taylor is having a rock climbing party and she is super excited about it. And the only thing she wants is a lizard for her birthday. Glad she didn't ask for a snake.

The boys are sharing a birthday party this year. A company called Bricks 4 kids comes and does a party with them. They too are super excited. They love lego and star wars so it's a perfect fit. And that is exactly what they are asking for as well.

The day of their party could be a bit crazy. Half marathon in the morning, T has a party to go to, Boys party and then family birthdaypalooza celebration at night. I will apologize now to our family if I fall asleep during the celebration. :)

I saw over at Leigh's blog that her birthday is coming up soon too. She was saying what she wants for her birthday. I'm going to steal her idea and ask what do you want for your birthday? We are a little birthday obsessed at the Lobbster Shack.


Leigh said...

What half marathon are you running? I'm running Melissa's and then Victoria :)

My birthday is on October ours are close together!

kristen said...

My birthday is way too far away to think about too much. But if it was my birthday this month or next, I'd want the new Lululemon manifesto long sleeved shirt in the royal purple. I'm a little in love.

Kirst said...

Leigh I'm running the harvest half. When is Melissa's? Good luck with both. You'll rock it.