Sunday, April 02, 2006


The other day we took Taylor bowling. Here are a few pictures from our adventure. We weren't sure how she would do. She could actually pick up the ball. We were surprised. She is strong for being such a little girl. You will notice the two love birds sharing a drink after an exhausting game. If they get married we would have to show that picture for sure. Although I have been told by another mom that Ethan will not being marrying Taylor but her daughter. Taylor is 2 and Ethan is 4, I don' t think anybody actually thinks they are going to get married anytime soon or if at all. Marriage hah, let's get to preschool first. Why rush things. Anyway, she had fun and that's all that matters.


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--Nathan-- said...

wow, ethan is quite the ladies man... if he's allowed to marry someone half his age why cant i?

Anonymous said...

Nathan, didn't you know there is a law in Canada against marrying someone who is eight years old?