Thursday, April 27, 2006

Flames or Oilers

Now for those of you who don't recognize this car it is ours and by ours I meam Mine and Chris's. Yes Chris has a Flames flag on his car. Before all of you Oiler fans have a fit and think he has come to the good side, I bought the flag and made him keep it up. Although he did try to lose it by unrolling the window. He says it was an accident but I know the truth. Don't worry he is still a die hard Oilers fan, that will cheer for Calgary sometimes.


Dayna said...

Go Flames Go! I know I lived in Edmonton too, but I've lived in Calgary longer than any place in Canada. So my heart is with the Flames!

How are ya Kirsten?! Long time no see/talk. Would love to hear from you sometime! Take care and keep in touch!

Joy & Darrin said...

Being an Oilers fan in Calgary is more tolerable than being a Flames fan in Edmonton. Now that's nuts.
Go Flames Go!!

--Nathan-- said...

yeah, me and some of the guys at work who are also oilers fans were discussing the fact that there are a few oil fans in the city but no flame fans in edmonton... thats because no one moves to edmonton.