Saturday, April 29, 2006


For all of you Oilers fans here you go. We have only one jersey that is why only one kid is in the picture. She looks like a caged animal. No this is not how we treat our children. She was having fun being in jail. This had better be the only jail she is in.
If the Oilers and Flames end up playing each other next round we will have to get an Oilers flag. Go Flames Go! We aren't a competitive family at all. Ha!
Who knows what team our kids will cheer for (flames). We will let them decide ( flames). Go Flames Go!
Congrats Oil!


Joy & Darrin said...

Wearing an Oilers jersey...that is a crime!
She looks cute in anything. I'm actually surprised she's even wearing a top - then again, she isn't at our house.
I'm up for scrapbooking anytime. I do need to get more pictures printed though.
You must be at your parents to have updated your blog. Can't wait until you are in the internet world with the rest of us.
Yeah for the Flames!!

K said...

BOOOOOOO OILERS....She looks much better in the red and white. Sorry oilers, she was born in's just not done.

Evey said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! She looks WONDERFUL and she should wear that ALL the time.

Good thing my hubby isnt a flames fan, I don't know what I would do. Although he is an Avalnache fan, but its not as bad;)


--Nathan-- said...

notice that she isnt embarrassed to be photographed alone in the oil jersey... she just felt so humiliated to be dressed in a flames jersey that she needed her little brother in the picture to make her feel a little more secure

Kirst said...

Nathan she might have posed alone but she has to hide behind dog fencing because she is so ashamed.