Sunday, April 30, 2006

Just call me whistlin' Dixie!

In the car today Chris and I were practicing our whistling, and I told him I couldn't whistle with my fingers. I found out today at age 28 that I have not been doing it right all along. You have to push in your tongue with your fingers. So now I will be practicing it to become an expert. You never know I might be a whistle pro someday.


--Nathan-- said...

uh oh... now that you have internet at home you're going to be blogging about all sorts of crap... im just kidding!!

Im a pretty bad whistler myself, but then again anything remotely close to do with music i pretty much blow at.

Joy & Darrin said...

I can only whistle if I suck air in and even at that I can only get two or three notes.
Welcome to the internet world. I'm already addicted to this blogging thing and now I've gotta keep up with you....ah, nuts! (as Ethan would say)
Oh, and please don't try to get my attention by whistling now that you know how.
That Chris is sooo learned.
Shopping this week??? Scrapbooking too???