Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Come and Gone

The day was a success. No tears from Taylor till I picked her up. She was sad she couldn't bring her new indoor shoes home. Us girls know that when you get new shoes you want to wear them all the time. She had lots of fun and is looking forward to tomorrow.
This getting up early thing is going to get old real quick though. Somebody was a little bit sleepy this afternoon. She'll get used to get up early sooner or later.
Hope every body's first day went off with out a hitch.
Pictures to come. Too busy invitation making.


K said...

good news! i love that the most upset she got was about the shoes. i have to admit that i know the feeling. i got a new pair of shoes on the weekend and i'm now disappointed that i haven't been able to wear them because it is too darn hot this week.

i notice you didn't mention your own tears. you cry away...we understand :)

Karri said...

Glad she had a great day!

Heather said...

I had these sweet purple suede ankle boots in grade 3 and I LOVED them. I couldn't wait to get to school every day to wear those sweet boots. I also had a great teacher, so that helped with the whole excited to go to school thing, but the boots were a sweet bonus.