Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Losing not just my mind

We have been walking to and from school and normally on the way to school it is pretty chilly. Yesterday I managed to lose 2 of Spencer's socks, found one. And then today Spencer kicked off his yellow blanket, found it and then it must have happened again because we didn't end up having it once we got home. How does that happen? Wouldn't I notice it as I ran it over with the stroller? And it's yellow so it doesn't really blend in with anything. I must be losing my mind too. Maybe we'll find it when we walk back to get Taylor.
I wonder how the day is going to go if I'm already losing things.


K said...

maybe taylor kept it with her so that she could have a reminder of spencer while she was at school.

a nice thought, but probably not true :)

Heather said...

That is pretty strange... You'd think you would have seen it. What a mystery. Sort of like the maroon hoodie that I wore on the morning of K & J's wedding, and is even in PICTURES to prove it, and since then has never been seen again.

Tammy Williams said...

My dear sweet hubby is like this ALL the time. He would forget his head if it wasn't attached! I should really get some sort of beeper device to attach to his wallet, keys and glasses so that he would stop asking me where they are.....haha.