Sunday, September 21, 2008

More party planning

I've got a little girl who is turning 5 this week, so cookies have been made (not decorated yet) for schoo on Wednesday. Cookies for the loot bags for Spencer's party and then cupcakes and more cupcakes. A barn door to make. Presents to buy. Invitations to Quinks party. And the list goes on. 2 more parties this weekend and then a break for a few weeks till Quinks party at the end of October. Although we will do something on his actual birthday. So that is how my week is going to go. Oh and I have to fit in a hair appointment.

I will not be cutting my own hair. If you haven't heard or seen the pictures, I tried to cut Quinten's hair. Chris normally does it and does a good job at it, but Chris is working non stop lately so I thought I would try the hair cutting thing. I should never try again. I found out after that fact the I used the wrong atttachment ,too short I guess and it doesn't stay on, found that out the hard way. So now Quinten has a very short cut. Okay it's buzzed. He looks really cute with it and he is starting to like it. That night he kept asking for it to be put back on. Oh well a hairdresser I am not. Jenn you make it look easy.


Heather said...

I think he looks adorable.

kris said...

Is it just me or does Quinten look like he could pass for about 10 years old? It must be the haircut.