Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Spencie!

One year ago today my water broke and was rushed into deliver our precious baby boy Spencer. It's hard to believe a year has gone by already. We are so lucky to be blessed with 3 great kids. Spencer you have completed our family. When you're around it's hard not to smile. You are such a happy kid. I look forward to seeing what you will be like over the next year. Will you sleep as much? (He sleeps a lot right now. I would say more than the average 1 year old.)When will you walk? All those type of fun things. What a wonderful year it has been.

Spencer had his 1 year shots today. The nurse was a little concerned with his weight gain so our doc had to be notified. At 9 months he was 17lbs 12 oz, 10 months 17lbs 2 oz and today 17lbs 10oz. He has also fallen off the chart. I guess when a baby goes down more than 2 percentiles they notify the doctor just to make sure there isn't something wrong. I don't think anything is wrong. He eats alot, sleeps alot and is happy. So I see no reason to be concerned. He's probably just little.

I love you Spence!


BethJoy said...

Happy Birthday Spencer!! You're last baby is turning 1 already, time is flying! Can't wait to hear of when he starts walking!!

Tammy Williams said...

He's probably just a small boy. Jeremy and his sisters were all like that. Nothing to be too alarmed about...I hope. I think they just start to get more active, speeding up their metabolism. At least that is my excuse for Maya...haha. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Spencer! Declan is right behind you. Just 33 more days until he turns 1 too.

Evey said...

I LOVE that third pic of him, hilarious.