Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lazy Me

I've been a lazy blogger lately. Haven't done a post or commented on other peoples blogs. Bad Kirsten. I'm going to try and step it up. I think today's post will be in list form.
-been busy with soccer and gymnastics
-been busy training for a half marathon (#2) next weekend.
-had a fabulous 20k run on Friday. Hopefully I can do that well at the race.
-thinking about doing another half in a few weeks. I could be getting addicted to them.
-Quinks fell off the top bunk whilst sleeping. No worries he was perfectly fine. Probably a good thing he was sleep walking or whatever he was doing.
-Spencie fell out of his bed and cut his eye on the toddler bar. (Now it looks like he is wearing makeup) Maybe the bunk bed is cursed.
-Taylor is getting assessed again at the audiologist tomorrow. Hopefully we get some kind of answer.
-Some of my family is running and walking this weekend in the Ottawa running festivities. Good Luck Jordan in your marathon, Kristen in your 10k, Dad and Mom in the half marathon. I'm really proud of all of you. Wish I could be there.
-Can't wait to get out camping. We got the trailer last weekend and now we are stoked to get out there.
-our poop issues haven't changed it's just 2 kids now. You think a kid is potty trained and then they pull a few surprises. Most days I deal well with it.
-school is almost over. Only one more month of kindergarten.
-Karri moves home soon and I'm totally excited. I miss those guys so much.
Well I think that's all for me.


Karri said...

I miss you guys too! I am counting down the days. Looking forward to seeing you guys soon!:)

What day is your big race? You guys are a running family! Wow, it is inspiring!

k said...

eek- 5 more days!

Tammy Williams said...

Hope Taylor and Spencer are okay. How long has he been in a toddler bed? We are considering transitioning Declan soon.