Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Way to go!

This past weekend my parents flew to Ottawa to participate in the Ottawa race weekend. Kristen ran the 10k on Saturday night with an amazing time. Way to go girl! So proud of you. Jordan ran the marathon, which by the way he qualified for the Boston marathon. This big sis is proud of you. You are an inspiration to me. My parents walked the half marathon and had some pb's. Makes me very proud to call you my parents getting out there and doing it. Maybe someday we'll all do a race together. How cool would that be? Now I wonder if Devin and Liz would join us?

On Sunday Heather is participating in a triathlon. I know she'll do great. I wish I could go cheer her on but she knows I'll be doing it in spirit.

If you have a chance swing by their blogs and give your congrats or best wishes.

And 5 days till the half. I'm at nervous time. The no sleep because I keep having race dreams.


Devo said...

I hate running, end of story.

k said...

You'll rock it Kirsten...so push those negative thoughts out and just visualize a good race!

Miranda said...

Travis is running his first race this weekend. Just a 5km but that's huge considering he was 260lbs in September.

Tammy Williams said...

Nice work Jordan! My dad always had a dream of running in the Boston Marathon. My hubby did a triathlon about 2 summers ago and I am hoping to do a half marathon sometime in the near future. I am trying to build up my strength by running on the treadmill at the gym. I have NEVER been a runner so this is a huge feat for me. Someday I will be marathon material...I hope.