Sunday, July 05, 2009

Whirlwind Weekend

It seems as though the weekend has come and gone. Where did the days go? I'm feeling listy as my sis in law put it.

Friday got up way too early to see the Stampede Parade. So worth it though to see our kids so happy. And I'm happy to report there was no fussing or fighting, even though the kids were super tired. It was the best outing yet.

Friday night hubs and I went to the Stampede grounds. The food always looks and tastes so good but the next day we were paying for it. That grease really does a number on the ol' system.

Saturday was our Church's Stampede bbq and concert. The musical guest was quite sick so I was asked so nicely by my Dad if I would fill in last minute. I thought it went well with only 2 days notice.

Sunday was church in the morning, sang again. Got to see my cuz and his wife. Taylor went to a beach birthday party. Fun was had by all.

And now need to get ready for a date night. So much excitement in such a short time. It feels good to get out after the exhausting week.

Even with all the busyness I still managed to clean up pee off the kitchen table. Might be time to start the potty training process. I'm getting sick of cleaning up, the playing with poop and pee messes. And cleaned up more poop. It's all part of parenting right? Someone out there must know what I am dealing with.

Well I'm off to get all gussied up. Happy Monday to y'all! (in Stampede spirit)

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