Saturday, August 01, 2009

1 month

1 month today Chris, Spencer and I will be heading to Toronto for my baby brother's wedding. I haven't seen him since Christmas and a lot of other family members for a couple of years. It'll be great to catch up and some of them have never met Spencer before. I wish Taylor and Quinten could be coming with us but we just can't afford it. Luckly Spencer is still free.

Do you ever feel drained and all you do is nag your kids? I'm feeling that way this weekend. I'm not sure if it's because we're trying to adjust being back to normal after vacation or if I'm just tired from the lack of running. And the nagging. Man I sound like a bag sometimes. Maybe it's a combo of everything plus having more poop issues with both boys this week. It never ends. Someone told me it probably just seems like it happens all the time but it is probably just this week. My answer to that is nope. Poop is my life. It goes beyond the poopy diapers. I really should have stocks in Bissell carpet cleaner. Maybe this week will be better, with planning for music camp.

Anyway I'm off to find a girly movie to watch seen as Chris is now working again for the day. I won't go into details but he won't be getting a day off anytime soon. I tell you this because I think this plays a part in my nagging of the kids. So I pray that God gives me patience and understanding.

Have a good night and rest of the weekend.

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Anonymous said...

You're coming to Toronto??? Where about's are you going to be? We should meet up if you have some free time! Would love to see you!