Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shoulda knocked on wood

In my last post I said I didn't have a poop issues. I shouldn't have opened my big mouth. Not only has Spencer had 2 leaks today Quinten has diarreha again so had 2 accidents and not small ones at that. Someone out there must have the same issues and as often. Please, please tell me if you do. I'm getting frustrated. I was almost done the camp laundry. I know camp was over almost a week ago but I've been slow with it. I'd rather play with my kids. And now I have mor poop laundry. Will it ever end? (Picture me pulling my hair out whilst saying that.)


k said...

excellent use of of my favourites.

i'm constantly having to clean up after jordan's poop accidents.

ok, it isn't true, but you really seemed to need someone else to have the same problems.

BethJoy said...

Sorry Kirst!! I know how you just get caught up with laundry and then there's more! It's true we'd all rather be with our kids than doing housework!!
My only poop issues are those darn newborn poops that explode up the back of the diaper, those are so hard to get out of diaper shirts! And why do they always have to be in white shirts or light colored ones when it happens?

Joy and Darrin said...

Whenever my boys had it, I put a maxi-pad in their underwear. (they would be totally embarrassed if they knew I told people). It totally worked and saved on clean-up and laundry.
I can't believe I have something to contribute to this conversation!