Monday, August 24, 2009

Who knew.....

a Lobb child would be tall enough to open doors before they were 2. Taylor and Quinten weren't tall enough till I'm sure way past 2. I guess I'll be hunting for our door knob things. It probably won't be long till he figures those out too. Which I think is funny because most adults have a heck of a time using them and then a toddler comes along and shows them up.

3 days till school. We found out who Taylor's teacher will be. All I've been hearing is great things about her. Taylor is still not looking forward to going back Hopefully things will change by Thursday cause she's going regardless.

Off to the beach tomorrow for, one last before school starts, lake trip.


Joy and Darrin said...

Here's to growing up!

Beach day - totally envious.

k said...

i hope you remembered your sunscreen this time :)