Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Lobbster Life

With Birthday season comes annual check ups. Everything seems fine. We've never had to get the kids blood taken before with their annual check ups but Quinten has to this time. I forgot to ask why and just assumed that adults get it done so kids must now too. He has been having a number of headaches and diarrha so not sure if that could be part of it. Taylor didn't have to at 4 years. Anyway I like to put the numbers out there. Taylor is 41 and 3/4 pounds and 44 inches, Quinten is 30 and 3/4 pounds and 38 inches and Spencer is 24 and 1/2 pounds and 33 inches.
So everyone is growing just right.

Other than that I don't have much to say or I can't think of much because of the screaming in my ears. Will it ever end?

And I already have someone who wants me to make cupcakes for their son's party in December. I'm pretty excited about it.

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