Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Party #2 The joint addition

On Saturday we had the hockey party for Quinten and Spencer. In true Canadian fashion the kids were troopers and played hockey and hit the pinata even though it was a little chilly. Quinten loved his cake. He'll tell anyone about it. He even told the Speech pathologist about it. More to come on that. I've never made or used fondant before so my thoughts were go big or go home. I made the fondant on Wednesday (3 batches) and the cake on Thursday and then Chris and I assembled it all on Friday. It was a whole day event. They sure make it look easy on tv but with more practice I'll get the hang of it. And hopefully I get the chance to make more stuff. Hint, hint to all who read this and want me to make their cakes or cupcakes. Really I'm hoping at least family will take me up on my offer.
So the birthday parties are done for the year. Quinten's actual birthday is on Monday and some how I feel as though he gets forgotten. So we'll be celebrating with Turkey and all the fixin's.
Anyway we had Quinten assessed yesterday with a speech pathologist. We had some concerns with how he says things and sometimes strangers or even those who are close to us can't understand him. The only thing she was concerned with was how he uses he/she/him/her. So we have some homework to help him learn those concepts. She doesn't think there is anything to worry about. And I learned that the r, l, and I think w sound doesn't come till around grade 1. His s sounds have come a very long way so no worries here.
Tomorrow is another appointment with our ENT. Hopefully we'll get some kind of answer. We are hoping they'll just do tubes so we can get her hearing clearly.
That's all for our updates. Hope you enjoyed the pics.


k said...

i keep seeing the title as "the joint addiction". and my word verification is lable and i'm seeing it as table...i think that means it is time to go to bed.

Chrissy & Brian said...

You are amazing!

Heather said...

I thought it was joint addiction too, it's not just you.

Kirsten you can make me a cake or cupcakes any day!!! The GF addition! Hows that for a challenge??

Everything looked great!

Erin said...

WOW, the cake turned out FANTASTIC!!