Monday, May 01, 2006

Yellow Submarine

I, like Joy, don't have much else going on in my life other than being a stay at home mom. That is why I am always writing about puke, crap or whatever other disgusting things my kids do. So bear with me. It's my life. Today I have no puke or crap story. I was driving along with my mom today thinking about the yellopw submarine. For those who never had the privilage of knowing the yesllo submarine it was a big yellow van our family had when we were growing up. What a great van. It sure had its share of beatings. Yes a few were from me. Like scraping the side at the car wash and taking the mirror off while driving in to or out of the garage. I'll finish later I'm going to get 7 Eleven candies. Hmmmmm! Yummy goodness. Candy Argh!

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