Friday, November 03, 2006

Just call me brace face

It's official. I can now be called brace face. This morning I became the recipient of some fine metal brackets on my bottom teeth. Plus some lovely blue stuff on2 molars to build them up. Bite plate right Joy? That's so I don't bite the bottom braces off. I have a deep bite? Right Joy? Something like that. It is going to take a bit to get used the bite plate. Eating is weird.
Went shopping this morning and got myself a new touque, finally. I don't know if my head has grown or what but I can't seem to fit in any of our touques. I think my head is even bigger than Chris's. That's not saying much. His head is pretty small. I also got Taylor a new winter jacket. She has finally out grown her 18 month one. We probably could have gotten away with a few more wears but her wrists would have been pretty cold. Then it was off to Little Nathan's birthday party. Happy birthday little buddy! And now home. Time to make my treats for Death by Chocolate, at the church. Till tomorrow.
Peace out!

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Tammy & Jeremy said...

I remember you having a bracket in your mouth when you were younger too. Does this feel like you are a kid again? I went to the dentist yesterday and OH WHAT FUN! I can't wait to get my wisdom teeth out, my other tooth extracted and more cleaning done. Sheesh! What we do to keep our mouths clean.