Thursday, January 11, 2007

Argh overtime!

So I haven't really seen much of Chris lately with all the overtime he has been working. Yeah the extra money is nice, but I miss the time as a family. Taylor is really starting to act out and ask for Daddy a lot. She is at the age where is knows he is at work but doesn't get the whole overtime thing. For the last few weeks he hasn't been home to tuck the kids in. I had a little break down when he called today to say he wouldn't be home for a while. I try to put on a brave face for the kids but sometimes it sucks. I miss my husband and the kids miss their Daddy. Hopefully this weekend we can do something family orientated. But then the basement still needs to be finished. Will it ever end? Sorry I don't mean to be a complainer but if you can't say it on your blog and your husband isn't home to talk to, who do you tell. I don't expect anyone to understand I just needed to get it off my chest. Whew that feels better.
In other news this is day 5 of no poop in the underwear. I think she finally gets it. She wants to make me happy. Yeah Taylor! And she always wants to show me how big her poop is. I wonder where she gets that from.;) Remember those days at camp. Just be glad I didn't show my poop to all you girls. You know who you are.
Well maybe I should go finish tidying up so I can have some me time after miss Taylor goes to bed.
I hope all is well with everyone.
Peace out!


Chrissy & Brian said...

I don't know exactly how you feel Kirst, but I kinda do, Bri doesn't work overtime, but he is very involved at the church, this is the second night this week he is at the church and I am at home. It never used to be bad because I was involved in everything he was, but now, I stay home with Abby. I often miss my husband, I miss the good old days of driving to work together and being together every night. I don't take our time together forgranted anymore, that is forsure! If you ever need to talk or vent or whatever, you know where to find me!

Desiree said...

I totally know exactly how you feel. My husband is pretty much an workaholic. He works a full time Monday to Friday job, and he also farms. So in the spring and fall I barely even know I am married. And even other times of the year are busy cause there is always something for him to do like fixing equipment or feeding cows or whatever. It does suck and makes it really hard on the marriage. I try not to take our time together for granted and try to make the most of our time together when we do get the chance. Don't apologize for complaining about it, it's a hard thing to deal with especially when you also have kids who miss their daddy so much!

GP Jenn said...

It sucks big time I know. Jeremy works crazy hours and only gets one day off a week. Thats the life of a youth pastor. You may think you are complaining, butif you don't say how you feel sometimes, it just builds up inside and thats not good for you. Once the basement is finished I sure it will be a bit better. Hang in there:)

Tammy & Jeremy said...

Thankfully Jeremy doesn't work much overtime, but when he does - I hate it. Like you, I try to put on a brave face and say it's okay but in my heart I just want him to be home so we can spend time together. Last Friday night he went to play poker with some friends after work and he was not home until 2am. He didn't even get to see Maya all day. I know this game only happens once a year, but it still sucks. Jeremy changed his work hours so now he is actually getting home at 5pm instead of 6:30pm. I love it!!!

PS. I may not have seen your icky bowel movement, but I do have a picture of you on the toilet...haha!

BethJoy said...

Hey Kirst, it's okay you can vent! It is very hard when daddy/husband isn't home. I have made the mistake in the past to call Keith's job "crappy" only because he leaves before 7am and gets home close to 7pm. I said it because inside I miss him and he is missing a lot of quality time with the boys! He was insulted because he hates it too but it makes us the money we need to have the life we have, so he needs my support so he can work the "crappy" hours.
I hope you get some time as a family soon!

Joy & Darrin said...

How do I get my husband one of these "overtime" jobs??

The Aitkenheads said...

That's cool cause it's just like hockey...after Chris works his overtime he can be part of a shootout...literally!!!