Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Thank you

Thank you to everybody for their kind words of compassion and encouragment. It definately made my day better. Today has been a day of laundry, cleaning, organizing, getting some groceries and of course playing with my little bambino's. It's been fun. Tonight for tuesday night dinner I am trying a new recipe. Green tortilla chili. Maybe Chris will like this chili. If it's a keeper I will post it on the bite me recipe blog. 3 more days till our get away. I am a feeling a little sad to be leaving my kids but it has to happen eventually. And it will be nice to get away, for some us time.
I haven't posted any pictures lately so I will try to over the next day.
Have a super duper awesome Tuesday.
Peace out!


Lori said...

Your recipe sounds good. Have a great holiday-you have earned it. Especially with jerks treating you so badly lately.

Miranda said...

Yes please post some more recipes. Hope you have a nice holiday.