Monday, January 29, 2007

Stupid Kirst!

So I did something really stupid. And the more stupid thing is that I have done this before. I mailed Devin's Birthday card without putting his address on it. It was already to go so he would get it close to on time, but I didn't have his new address so it was on the counter with other stuff to be mailed. Well it got mailed with everything else. I did the same thing when I mailed out our wedding thank you cards. I forgot a couple of addresses. So Devin I will be calling you to get your address so that you can get the card. Doesn't everybody know who you are. I even had to get a new envelope. Try explaining that to the card store. Sorry Dev.
We had our framing walk through today. Our builder has said all along that we will get possession on April 30th and it looks like that is the day. I always thought possession dates always got moved back when building. That seems to be the case for anybody we have talked to. We have lots of painting to do.
That's all I have for today.
Peace out!


Steve Jolliffe said...

Ooo. Sucky deal with the card and address. You may be surprised to learn how often that happens. I've handled/delivered many letters that are being returned to sender (RTS) because of the same reason.

Why did you need a new envelope? You should have been able to add the address and a new postage stamp and then send it on it's way. Or did you not actually get the card back and I'm missing some of the story?

Kirst said...

I didn't know you could do that. I assumed I needed a new envelope.

Devo said...

I was mentioning to Liz last night that you said you had sent a card, but that it still hadn't arrived. We both assumed that you had said it was in the mail but infact you were mailing it after you had talked to me and that was why there was a delay.

Kirst said...

It was in the mail when I talked to you. I'm just brain dead that's all.

Desiree said...

That's kind of funny, and also something I would do. I haven't but I can see myself doing it.

Anonymous said...

Ya, with the whole moving thing. I had a friend who was suppose to get possession of her place in Aug, it got moved to Oct, and then it got moved to Nov, and then again to Dec. She moved in two weeks before xmas. Youre lucky that isnt you. :D
Nicole ;)

Tammy & Jeremy said...

Will you be doing all of the house painting yourself? I think I would do that. We have done our own bedroom and bathroom and the baby's room and now we want to tackle our office. Eventually we will have the colors back to ones that we like a little more.