Monday, January 22, 2007

New Room, Party Time, and Kicked out

We finished painting our room on Saturday and set our new bed up. I think Chris will be putting the doors back up tonight. And then it will be back to a real room. What a difference a little bit of paint makes. Our room looks bigger, even with our huge bed. We have to jump up to get into bed. It's awesome. So that's that.
I came home, yesterday, from doing a quick errand and Taylor had the house decorated for me. She was throwing me a birthday party. She even made me a teeny little easy bake size cake. 5 of us each got a tiny piece. She even asked Chris if there were any presents for me. SHe sang Happy Birthday and everything. No it is not my birthday. I guess she just wanted to do something nice for me.
And finally being kicked out. I actually had our car today so I took the kids to Scrapbooker's Paradise to pick up a couple of things. Both were crying when we first got in there, Taylor eventually quieted down and watch a video. Well Quinten pretty much cried to whole time I was there, except for many a few seconds at a time. Then Taylor came running to me to say she couldn't see because of a little boy. This happened a few times and everytime I told her she had to share and should try to look around the kid. Next thing I know one of the employees came up and told me I needed to be more patient. Asked that I please pay for my purchases and leave because Taylor wasn't letting the other kid watch the video and Quinten was crying so much that it was making everybody else uncomfortable. I almost started crying right there. My kids weren't the only ones crying. I was so embarrased that I almost didn't buy the stuff I had picked out. I just told her okay, instead sticking up for myself. And we all know I don't have a backbone. I really wanted to hand my stuff to her and say fine we are leaving. But that is not me. I seem to be having a really emotional day so maybe that made it worse. There seems to be a theme with people trying to tell me how to treat my kids. I don't think I am a bad mom but it hurts me when other people think I'm not doing a good job. Don't they know you can't give in to kids. I didn't think perfect parents existed but I guess they do. And I'm not one of them. Sorry for rambling, but I needed to get it off my chest. Hopefully my day gets better.


Chrissy & Brian said...

I think you are a great mom Kirst! And Taylor things so too! That's why she had a party for you.
Hope your day gets better!

Heather said...

Alot of people forget that different kids respond differently to different parenting styles. Some parents might think that someone who lets their kid scream and cry is a bad parent, when they really have no idea of what the situation is. People can be so judgemental towards other parents, forgetting that yesterday their kid was the one who cried in public for an hour. I think you're a great parent, and no one should judge your way of dealing with things.

GP Jenn said...

What ever, you are a great mom. I bet that lady didn;t have kids. I was always told that the best parents are the ones who don't have kids because they have no idea. That makes me angry. Sorry you had to deal with stupid people. Hope you have a better day. Keep smiling :o)

liz said...

I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure there is no such thing as the perfect parent - because all parents are human beings and all human beings are flawed. And I would further hypothesize that it's the people who don't recognize/acknowledge their flaws that make the worst parents.

Although if you do figure out who these "perfect parents" are you should interview them and then publish a book on how to be the perfect parent, make millions of dollars, and then stop trying to be a good parent yourself and simply buy your children's love :)

Miranda said...

What is it about Scrapbooking stores? This sounds just like my last trip to Treasured Memories here.
HUGS to you. You are doing a great job with your kids and don't let people make you feel like that.

Desiree said...

Not only would I not have paid for that stuff but I wouldn't have handed it to her I would have thrown it, but I have a bit of a temper too. You are a great mom and most people are just stupid and ignorant and just don't listen to them. Hope your day is better!

The Aitkenheads said...

Well I can't beleive you forgot all about me...just remember that when you're feeling like not a perfect parent call me.

Cause of course as you know I happen to be a perfect parent!!!

I've got a plaque on the wall, a framed certificate, a special commemorative pin, a "Perfect Parent" hat, and of course my hand embroidered, fuax fur, royal purple "Perfect Parent" bathrobe!!!

I'm there for ya lady!!! And my book will be out in time for next Christmas!!!