Sunday, January 28, 2007

We're Baaack!

We're back from our day in Banff. It was nice to get away. I missed my kids so much though. On Friday, while Chris was working it up, I walked around Banff, alot. I also was able to get a pedicure. Miss no personality gave me heck for not taking care of my feet and picking at the dry skin. She suggested that I go every3 weeks -a month for a pedicure. Like that will happen. Who can afford to do that? I know I can't, so I guess I will have to keep on top of it here at home.
I also did some walking down the main street, got candy from Welch's and of course Murtles. We can't go to Banff without getting those. Yum, so tasty.
Thank you so much to my parents for taking such good care of our kidlets. We really do appreciate it.
Tonight is scrapbooking club and then relaxing with the fam.
Here's a funny little story before I sign off. While I was waiting to be called for my pedicure there was a women from Texas waiting for her treatment. We started chatting and the topic of conversation turned to travelling. It was their first time to Canada and she said they liked to travel lots. And then she proceed to explain to me that they could fly for free because of airmiles. The funny part is that she went into great detail about what airmiles are and how you get them. Seriously do americans really think that we don't know anything. I know what an airmile is and I know how to get them. She was also really surprised that the ground wasn't covered in snow.
Peace out!


Devo said...

Well the lady could have thought that Canadians aren't offered airmiles, not necessarily that you didn't understand them. Banff at the end of January really should be covered in snow.

Kirst said...

I should have clarified, she was talking about when she landed in Calgary. Sorry for the mistake.

GP Jenn said...

Glad you had a wonderful time away with Chris. If she flew over GP she would be amazed at how much snow we have here. I know I am.

liz said...

I think those in the beauty industry take a secret oath to tell all their customers that it's "crucial" that they go for "treatment X" every 3-4 weeks in order to sustain their completely unecessary industry.

Maybe you can ask Taylor to give you your next pedicure? It might not be the most professional job, but it won't cost very much and I'm sure she will think your feet are beautiful regardless.

--Nathan-- said...

mmm i dont know liz, Taylor tells it like it is, and kirsten does have some nasty feet

Evey said...

Glad you guys had a great time!

As for the lady from Texas, I am also shocked that there is no snow on the ground in Calgary:) The weather this year everywhere has been a little off so you have to admit it does snow a lot in Alberta during the winter:)

And don't worry not all "americans" think Canadians dont know what air miles are:) And I know a lot of Americans so I can vouch for them.