Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cupcakes and Birthday

On Sunday we had Taylor's party and 17 kids came for a pool party. At Inglewood pool you get a room for an hour and then the pool all to yourself. It was great. The kids had a good time and so did the adults that helped out. I would definately do another party there. Quinten wants his party there now but it's too late seen as the boys' party is this Saturday and it's already planned for a hockey party. I was asked what I did for the invitations. So for the pool party invites I wrote the invite details on a beach ball and for the hockey party I made up invitations that looked like hockey tickets.

Taylor took owl cupcakes to school for her actual birthday and Sunday's party she had asked for shark cupcakes. I've been asked by a couple of friends if I would do their kids birthday cupcakes/cakes. What a great way for me to bring in a little extra money and do something that I absolutely love. So we'll see what happens with that. I am very open to the idea.

Now the plans are in the works for Saturday's cupcakes or cake. I might attempt making my own fondant. We'll see. Could be interesting.

Once again before I get some comments like I've received in the past about trying to one up or show off, that is so not my intent. I love doing this and have been asked to post the pictures. I know I like looking at other peoples creations so therefore I will share mine with you.


--Nathan-- said...

those shark cupcakes are ridiculously awesome i'll take a batch of 30 just for myself... im celebrating.. october.. its a good month.

ps. dont worry about people that might think you're showing off, you've got cupcake talent (among others) and i love seeing your creations. seriously have 30 ready for when im down next.

your favourite cuz.

Chrissy & Brian said...

Wowza! Those are awesome! If you lived here I would hire you to be the party planner / cupcake maker for my kids parties!

k said...

those people are jerks.

and the owl cupcakes are my favourite. the sharks are cool (and look way harder to make and pretty impressive!) but there's something about that owl that makes me smile.

good luck with the fondant.

Anonymous said...

Awesome job Kirsten!
Char J

Karri said...

Wow! Pretty Cool cupcakes! You never said the shark ones were 3D! Thanks for sharing:)

Anonymous said...

Those look good!!!

Heather said...

Kristen thinks I should have owl cupcakes at my wedding!

They both look incredible.

Joy and Darrin said...

Excellent job!!
That's not a one-upmanship on me - that's a bazzillion upmanship.
THe cupcakes look amazing and the kids had a blast at the party.

Devo said...

I am thoroughly disgusted by your attempts to show off and one up all of us, however you did a pretty good job at doing just that. The owl ones are a "hoot" and the shark ones would take a "bite" out of someone's hunger.

Devin said...

Holy cow, those are amazing! How I wish you lived closer...we have TWO October birthdays, and I could sure use that talent and creativity!

k said...

Devo- I'm thoroughly disappointed with those terrible puns. Who do you think you are- Randy Jr? :)

fuzzy wuzzy said...

If you are good at something, is it showing off to do it? I'm so amazed at your creations, and think you SHOULD show off your talents. My baby the cupcake lady!! I'm very proud of you!
Love Mom