Saturday, September 19, 2009

ENT here we come....again

Stil no movement on Taylor's ear drums. Which most likely means fluid and there for she can't hear where she should be. Hopefully we'll get more answers in October when we go back to the ENT.

Things are going along nicely in Lobbster household. Parties are being finalized. Although I haven't heard from everyone yet. Cupcakes/cakes are being planned.
It will be a busy week of preparation that's for sure.

We have a weekend of parties that the kids are going to. But other than that should be a relaxing one.


Tammy Williams said...

We are planning for the kids' joint birthday party too. It seems like we are always invited to parties too. I'm sure it will become more of a burden when the kids are older and have more friends but it is still tiring and costly right now.

Evey said...

Ent....story of my childhood. And no fun.