Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Taylor!

6 years old
5 years old

4 years old

3 years old

2 years old

1 year old

1 week old

Today my oldest turned 6. Hard to believe that the moderately tiny 6 week early baby would grow up to be the girl we know today. We are so proud of you Taylor in who you are and who you are becoming. We love you so much! Happy Birthday my sweet girl!

Taylor took owl cupcakes to school today and was very excited that her teacher has the same birthday. It was nice that they could celebrate together.

Tonight we went to the beach to have an impromptu celebration. Chris is working and so is my mom so we will celebrate on Sunday night as a family. She calls it her fake birthday. We had a great time at the beach too bad the wasps were out.

Anyway another successful birthday season birthday. (as some have come to call it.)


Joy and Darrin said...

Its cool to have been there every step of the way! Happy birthday, Taylor!

Love Auntie and "unca darewin" (said in the appropriate high pitched whisper)

fuzzy wuzzy said...

Happy Birthday to princess #2 (cause we all know who princess #1 is). She is the cutest little princess since Oct 24 1977. But I guess cuteness begats cuteness. Give Taylor a Big kiss from Nana.

Love ya all

Karri said...

Where does the time go! I can remember holding her at the hospital! Cute pictures! I hope she has a GREAT birthday weekend!

Tammy Williams said...

She has changed so much over the years. It is hard to believe that you and Chris have a 6 yr old! Wow...time sure flies! Happy Birthday Taylor you pretty little girl you!