Thursday, September 10, 2009

Going mad

It seems lately I have no patience. Although it seems to be better if the house is organized, which seems to be hardly ever. I made good progress today and then tornado Quinten and tornado Spencer came through. So frustrating.

Today has been a day of laundry followed by playing at the park before picking up Taylor and then more park play while it seemed some one was always screaming. Then if I wasn't going crazy enough I took them to the grocery store to get cupcake supplies. And to top off the evening, which isn't even done yet, Spencer had a giant poop in the tub. Sickarama! Good times! I do love being a stay at home mom but sometimes my patience is definately tested.


Anonymous said...

tell me about it!!!! like you, i *love* being at home, but lately (especially at bedtime), i feel like it just brings out the worst in me... so, just know that you're not alone!!!

BethJoy said...

I hear ya Kirst, being a stay at home mom is the toughest job around! Sickarama, love that word, you made me chuckle!! I can relate with you on taking the kids to the store, I used to be great at it but now with 3 kids, if we all get home safely with no screaming or lost privileges it is a huge success. Now I am trying to schedule outings for when Jonah is in school, at least then I am down 1 kid, lol. Logan behaves much better without Jonah around!

k said...

At least a certain brother of yours wasn't there to puke after the tub poop :)