Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Happy Bertday Coconut!

That is how Chris was greeted yesterday by Quinten. Yes I am a day late posting but we were spending the day together so not much computer time. Happy Birthday My Sweets!

We got back late Monday night from our Toronto adventures. Now for point form. Too much stuff happened to write real sentences.
- Arrive late Tuesday night and thought we didn't have a rental car. Found the right place.
-Got lost going to Chris' uncles from the airport.
-slept in the next day till about 10. Since when does a mom of 3 get to do that.
-hung out, saw friends
-walked yonge street, queen street, actually we walked alot but also ate alot so no pounds lost
-had a sick toddler, I guess I have to face the fact he is not a baby anymore. boohoo!
-rehersal and dinner at a yummy brazilian bbq place (Red Violin)
-Canada's wonderland, scary roller coaster calle the behemouth (probably spelling it wrong) Chris laughed at me the whole time. I thought I might cry.
-got sick at Canada's Wonderland. Rides and Kirsten's tummy don't really mix.
-Blue Jays game with awesome seats. Row 15 right behind the Jays dug out.
-Crazy bee at the game. I think the bees liked Kristen.
-slept in till 11. Awesome!
-My baby brother's wedding and reception. Too bad Spencer wasn't feeling so great because he was not a happy camper.
-Brunch with the Tronsgard clan minus Devin, Liz, Craig, Taylor and Quinten
-More driving and might I just add that it is not normal driving. Man thems some crazy drivers and lots of them.
-More feeling sick from the driving.
-ROM where we saw the dead sea scrolls
-air show which a certain toddler (not baby boohoo) didn't like too much.
-airport where said toddler was screaming and I'm sure everyone around us thought I hope he's not on our plane.
-no worries because he slept pretty much the whole way home. YEAH!!!!!!
-Oh forgot about the lady hitting a raccoon.

It's good to be back. Now I just wish Taylor would go back to easy drop offs. Roxanne might have to start taking her. :)

And I can't end till I say Happy 60th Birthday Auntie Beth!


k said...

it is because the bees sense my fear!

Chrissy & Brian said...

Glad you had a good trip.

Joy and Darrin said...

Sounds like a great trip overall. Boo to the boohoo's. The kids are growing up! Isn't that awesome?! Glad you are home again. Can't believe Antie Beth is 60! Lucky you with the Powell genes of looking young!