Thursday, September 14, 2006


I think is going to be a go for the bouncer on Saturday. It isn't suppose to be great but the forecast, according to the Weather Network, shows no rain. So that's a plus. We will all be dressed in our finest winter gear but who cares. Once you start bouncing you warm up. Well that is as long as I don't rip my pants like I did at the last party. I loved those pants too. Tonight we had Chrissy and Brian over for dinner, and Nathan. But he pretty much as been eating at our house everynight this week. Therefore I don't count him as a guest. It was great to see them. We watched Survivor like old times. And the best part about the evening was that Taylor warmed up to Bri and he didn't even have to bribe her with candy. I knew this day would come eventually. Well I have had a really busy day and I am tired. So Later!


Joy & Darrin said...

We'll bounce up a storm and work up some heat - no worries.
You keep feeding Nathan so he keeps coming over. Just like the neighbourhood squirrels. He should wear a "DO NOT FEED ME" shirt. He's fun to have around though.
Whaddya think about the new Survivor?

The Aitkenheads said...

We were supposed to watch the new survivor with the Whitbread crew, but I was out at a movie and totally forgot. How was it? Racially charged? Emotionally draining? Or just the same old, same old Survivor?