Thursday, September 28, 2006

What does_____ say?

Lately Taylor has come up with, on her own, things that people say. We start off by saying what does daddy, mommy, Taylor, and Quinten say.
Daddy says: Go to bed ( in a deep voice, whilst wagging her finger)
Mommy says: I love you
Taylor says: I need a snuggle
Quinten says: Waaaa!
Unkie says: Hola!
Uncle Devin says: Bend over cow
Nathan says: I've got to jet!
That is all she has come upwith so far but I sure there will be more. The older she gets, the funnier she gets. Kids say the funniest stuff. She constantly cracks us up. She also has become really caring. She doesn't like to see anyone get upset. She will tell Quinten, it's okay bud, don't cry. It is soo sweet. She really does like him. We are so lucky to have 2 healthy, great kids. I love you guys.


Devo said...

Why does uncle Devin sound like he's about to commit horrible sexual acts to a cow.

Kirst said...

Hey Chris taught her that not me. Luckly she has no idea what she is talking about.

Miranda said...

too cute. We play a game with Isabelle where we ask her things like: who is ________? Mommy or Daddy? We asked her who smells better and she said Mommy...after sniffing us both of course.

kris said...

Wow, that game could get awkward.

The Aitkenheads said...

ya we stopped playing that game when Jaymee said

Daddy says: Stop whining, it's pissing me off!!!

(Daddy gets in trouble when mommy finds out about stuff like that!!!)

Joy & Darrin said...

Don't play the "What does Uncle Darrin say when playing Settlers" game. That's when it turns ugly!
Your kids are too cute.
I love them dearly.