Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Food at the Y

So there I was working out at the Y today. I was on the track warming up and all I could smell was cinnamon buns. Does anyone else think this is kind of weird. Go for a work out and wreck it all by having a cinnamon bun after. I'm sure they get lots of people buying them. They sure did smell good. I did not give into temptation. I was focused on the task at hand. I went shopping with my mom todaQuiy and I found Taylor's costume for halloween. She is going to be a monkey. It is so cute. Q
Quinten is going to be the chicken that Taylor was for the past 2 years. I know it doesn't seem fair that he doesn't get a new one but the chicken is darn cute I have to use it again.
So the weather for Saturday could be looking up. Rain is still on the menu but the high is higher. If that makes sense.
Chris is still sick and the kids are on the mend. So that's all I have for you today.


Tammy & Jeremy said...

We were looking in the BABIES-R-US magazine today for Halloween costume ideas for baby. Providing the baby come soon, he/she will be about 1.5 months by then so there is not much to choose from. We were thinking a little SAILOR outfit because Jeremy was in the AMERICAN NAVY and he could wear his uniform and I could probably get a nurse' outfit or something. We could be the legendary American Navy Family...haha. We'll see what we can find.

Joy & Darrin said...

Ethan wants to be Batman or Superman or Spiderman. I still want him in cutsie costumes. Is he ready for the whole superhero scene yet? I think not. I wonder if my little tubster will fit the communal fireman costume this year.
I guess it all depends on why you are working out - too stay healthy, to loose weight, or to be able to eat whatever you want and not gain. Then only the latter will allow for a cinnamon bun. Have at 'er.

GP Jenn said...

good girl sticking to your guns and not having a cinnamon bun. You are an insperation to me. I'll go now and eat a carrot stick. yum yum!

The Aitkenheads said...

Jaymee told us this year she doesn't want to be a ladybug...as she has been for the past 3 years. (oh come on...the costume still fit. Can't let it go to waste!!!)

She says this year she wants to be Hermione...she's got the hair for it.


Dr. Papa said...


I think that, by far, the avoidance of cinnamon bun whilst and just-post-whilst exercising is a most honourable feat! Whether you are working out for weight loss, health, or because it feels so good when you stop; I think it is totally unfair of anyone to make cinnamon buns anywhere near enough to exercisers for them to smell. That is why I do my workouts in the basement.

Unfortunately, the dogs like to come down to the basement with me and then get bored while I am working out (not, however whilst stretching - they can't seem to get close enough when I'm stretching!). Because they get bored, they wander around the basement and sniff for other dogs. I think they found the dog smells fromn the previous owner, as my basement is beginning to smell nothing like cinnamon buns, basements or anthing nearly neutral.

Now I was going to invite you to come work out in my basement (it's also extremely cheap! Good machine, but not member fee. However, As I write, I think that smelling something as delectable as cinnamon buns might have great advantages over eworking out where dogs are battling for Alpha status!

You decide!

What is this about Chris being sick! He can't be sick! He's supposed to be out there keeping the city safe from all those bad guys! No wonder there have been so many crimes recently. They know he's not out there!

As for Halloween....I still think the best costume for a newly born is the blanket sleeper (yellow), a ties down toque, (also yelow) and eyes an beaks cut out of paper. Cute, keeps them warm, and costs nothing to resurrect every year.

Can't say that Kristen allowed us to do that for more than a few years, but, then, she kinda has a mind of her own...do you think?