Thursday, September 07, 2006

Some new pics

I haven't posted any pictures lately. I love my kids so much. These are just a couple of our latest pictures.
Today was a pretty good day. I think both kids are getting a cold. Taylor has been extra whiny today and her nose is runny and her voice is sounding scratchy. You wouldn't know QuinQuin was sick except for the runny nose. He seems to always be happy no matter what.
I bought party favors for Taylor's birthday party. I can't believe she is almost 3. As my brother and sister-in-law say it is Lobb birthday season. Tomorrow is the first of many more to come in the next 2 months. Well that's all I have for today. No poop story but Quinten did try to take his diaper off again. I might have to pull the duct tape out early.
Peace Out!


Miranda said...

Quinten doesn't look like a bay anymore! He looks like little boy. Wow they grow so fast. I like the picture of Taylor with the Bjorn's huge on her!

--Nathan-- said...

ah, the boy cracks me up! look at that hair... and the little chompers he has!! definately the happiest kid i know.

Tammy & Jeremy said...

That harness around Taylor is so cute. I had no idea they were so big until I saw her with one...hehe. I love Quinten's hair too! Is that the new style in Calgary? (smiles)