Monday, October 02, 2006

All Smiles, all the time

So it has been a few days since I last wrote a post. Not too much that is overly exciting has happened. We've been busy. Sunday we walked in the Race for a Cure. It was pretty cold but we still had a good time. Then today I worked. I had a lot of driving to do and man there are some crazy stupid drivers out there. It seemed as though everywhere I went there was a bad driver. Argh it was so frustrating. But then I got home and I saw my 2 smiley kids and my road rage disappeared.
Tomorrow is 10% Tuesday. It's a good thing because we need groceries badly. Okay maybe I'm exaggerating a little but we do need food. Produce doesn't last forever you know. Plus I have some serious pumpkin pie making to do so I need all the stuff for that. And of course I need to make 2 more cakes. It's The Boys turn now. He will be 1 on the 12th. I can't believe how fast this past year went. We can't seem to keep him in one stop. He will be running before we know it. All he wants to do is walk. That means he gets in Taylor's way and she isn't so fond of that. She has been cracking us up lately with her sayings and her singing and dancing routines. We were privileged to see a performance yesterday. Of course we got it on tape. Anyway I'm sure I'll have more exciting things to write about in the next couple of days. We get to pick out our appliances tomorrow. It could be really interesting. Hopefully we can agree on what we get. And one final thing, Jordan and Kristen come home in 3 days. Yahoo!
Peace Out!


Miranda said...

10% Tuesday...woohoo! LOL! I have been working on my list for today for almost 2 weeks. We need lots too.

Joy & Darrin said...

I will actually take advantage of the savings today as well (even though I'll have to take one kid with me!)
Have fun appliance shopping and pie-making.
Hug your cutie-patuties for me. They are so cute.

Chat soon.

kristen said...

i miss 10% tuesday...though my little arms can only carry so much, so it wouldn't be quite as meaningful.

Desiree said...

We only grocery shop on 10% Tuesday. Somehow I managed to con my husband into doing it for me, so even better! Love the pics of your kids, they are so cute! Have fun pie-making and visiting with family!