Monday, May 01, 2006

Congrats Oil Fans!

I just want to congratulate all the Oiler fans out there. Too bad Calgary didn't win tonight but we still have game 7. Oh and by the way my candy was really good. I even have some saved for another day. Probably tomorrow but you never know. Hmmm I Love Candy! Oh yeah regarding a previous post where I was wondering where Taylor gets her love of being naked from, I figured it out. I was reminded that at Music camp as a youngin I love to walk around in my underwear, so therefore I guess she gets it from me. Oh my little nudest.

It is coming up to grad/prom time and Nathan showed me this site of Prom outfits. They sure are different than what we wear here.
Please enjoy and have a great evening. Must get rested up for another day of Motherhood.


Evey said...

Wow, look at you posting like a crazy woman.

I seem to remember you being the only one way back in the day who was always half naked at camp. Clearly you passed this on:)

For some reason today I was thinking about the time you asked Chris out? I am sure you remember. That still makes me laugh.

Kirst said...

Yes I remember that too. But which time? It still makes me laugh as well. Taylor is laughing for some reason as I write this. I don't think she can read. Maybe I have a genius child on my hands. Right!

Evey said...

The time we were walking past the pool and you screamed it at him!!!